Fees & Emergencies

At Laurel Villa we pride ourselves in seeing our patients when they need us most. We aim to provide a same day emergency service for all patients when possible. Do not hesitate to contact the practice if you are unregistered and require urgent care. Emergency appointments are covered under the NHS service unless related to private treatment.

Out of hours emergency care can be organised using Revive Dental Care, available from 9am - 9.30pm everyday, including weekends and bank holidays Tel: 0161 476 9651

NHS Fees
BAND 1 £22.70
BAND 2 £62.10
BAND 3 £269.30

Private Dental Fees

Composite Fillings (White)
Small from £70
Medium from £90
Large from £120
Build-up from £150
Cosmetic Bonding from £75
Direct Composite Veneer £150
Porcelain Bonded Crown £395
Emax Crown (All Ceramic) £500
Porcelain/Ceramic Veneer from £400
Full Gold Crown £450
Ceramic Onlay £450
Metal ceramic/unit £400
All ceramic/unit £500
Chrome from £650
Valplast (Flexible) from £550
High Impact Full Dentures £1000
High Impact Partial Denture £550
Single Unit Implant/Crown from £1,200
Implant Retained Bridge/Denture POA
Removable Single Arch (Invisalign)
Removable Double Arch (Invisalign) £3000
Fixed Single Arch (CFast) £1800
Fixed Double Arch (CFast) £2600
Clear Retainers £125
Fixed Retainer £125
Facial Aesthetics
Fillers from £250
Lips from £200
1 area from £100
2 areas from £140
3 areas from £185
Full Home Kit £250
Whitening Syringe £25
Internal Bleaching per unit £200
Root Canal Treatment (Endodontics)
Incisor/canine £200
Premolar £275
Molar £350
Air Polish £70
Hygiene Scale and Polish £30
Night Guard £125
Sports Guard £95


NHS and Private Dental Treatment - For all your family's dental needs