Replacing Missing Teeth


Implants are titanium-based fixtures used to replace the roots of missing teeth. They can be used to support single crowns, bridges and dentures, Implants are often considered to be the most permanent solution to replace missing teeth.

There is no need to prepare adjacent teeth with drills and it has become possible to replace partial and even full dentures with a fixed solution.  Please ask your dentist for more details and to discuss case suitability.

The reception can then organise a consultation where we will carry out a more detailed examination. This is often followed by a scan to allow accurate surgical planning.

Implant placement and restoration is performed at the practice.  Laurel Villa Dental use the Straumann system, which is considered to be a market leader.

Dental Implant used to support single crown
Dental Implants used to support a bridge
Dental Implants used to stabilise a denture
Dental Implants used to support a full arch of teeth

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Dentures can be used to effectively replace some or all missing teeth. Partial dentures replacing one/some teeth can be made of hard acrylic resin or cobalt chrome. Full dentures replacing all the teeth in a jaw are usually made of acrylic. Each case is different.  Your dentist will help you choose the most suitable denture framework depending on the clinical requirement.

The teeth are usually made from acrylic and can be set and colour matched to give a natural effect. Your dentist can also guide you with both NHS and private options.

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Valplast Dentures

Valplast partial dentures are custom made from a nylon resin. Unlike acrylic and chrome, they are flexible and lightweight. They fit around your existing teeth with no metal clasps making them very discreet and virtually invisible.

Valplast is currently the most advanced denture material and is only available privately. Your dentist will discuss case suitability and pricing.

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