Teeth Straightening

Adult Orthodontics

It has never been easier to straighten your front teeth to achieve a natural smile. Straighter teeth not only look better, but are far easier to clean and maintain. 

We are trained at Laurel Villa to offer both fixed and removable brace systems. The fixed system is called Cfast. It consists of clear brackets on the front surfaces connected by a tooth coloured nickel titanium wire. The removable system is called Invisalign Go and consists of a series of removable clear acrylic aligners.

Following a thorough assessment with your dentist and laboratory analysis of the moulds of your teeth, case suitability to the appropriate system can be decided. Case length is usually 3 to 6 months. Once your teeth are straight they have to be held in position. This is usually achieved using both a fixed wire behind the front teeth and a removable retainer worn at night. Sometimes the removable retainer alone is sufficient. Straightening itself can provide a great aesthetic improvement. Appearance can be enhanced further with the use of whitening and bonding. Bonding involves the use of tooth coloured materials to correct uneven edges. It is important to emphasise that these systems are cosmetically focussed on the front teeth. More complex cases would involve specialist orthodontic referral. Please contact the practice for more information.

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